You've waited long enough.

It’s time for your business to fit your life, not the other way around.

Minimalist concepts, when applied to business, can bring the same sense of calm, assuredness, direction, freedom and agency that the light, airy, clutter-free homes in your favourite decorating magazines do. Except in this case, you have to de-clutter your mind to achieve it.

Work with me and learn how to create the intentional, profitable business you’ve dreamed about.

What I know about you

  • You want a better business, not necessarily a bigger one
  • You don't want to sacrifice your life, your family and your wellness to run a profitable business that works for you
  • The entrepreneurial advice out there doesn't speak to you. You feel like there's another way but no one is speaking your language
  • You want to build something to own and operate, not necessarily to sell
  • You want your business to be sustainable - in impact and longevity
  • You work hard for real results, not for the sake of busy-ness or to fit into hustle culture
  • You're willing to work within certain constraints to achieve the results you want
  • You love what you do and don't want to stop doing it so you can spend all your time managing others

How it works

Where we meet

We meet by Zoom (video/audio conferencing) every other week for 8 weeks. You decide whether we meet by video or audio call. I recommend we choose a day and time of the week that works for you, and that you commit to that time for your coaching work each week.

What's included

Every package includes 1:1 support and coaching with me on your specific business issues, and/or personal concerns as a self-employed woman with a life outside work. You’ll also receive self-study materials to complete on your own, and access to me by email on weekdays, during business hours.

I teach you the thought work model I use so you can learn to recognize the thoughts that aren’t serving you or your business.

program-specific topics

Your sessions are YOURS and you can bring whatever topics are top of mind for you to your sessions.

We simplify, streamline and un-complicate your business, stripping away what’s not necessary, not serving you, or keeping you stuck. I teach you how to set and achieve simple, strategic goals, and how to actually produce instead of just “working on” them. We figure out where you make money so you can focus your efforts there, and eliminate activities that result in spin and decision fatigue, but little to no profit. 

I help you design the business structure and processes that your business needs – not the ones everyone tells you to have.

What my clients say

I've overcome so many fears in the last year and managed my first event successfully and within budget! This wouldn't have happened without your support and I want to say THANK YOU, Janet!

Tomo Omote

Working with Janet helped me get real clarity on how my thoughts were holding me back from achieving the results I want in my business and my life. Janet helped me not only shift my perspective, but also find an entirely new belief syste, to support me in achieving my goals.

Celia Fernandes

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