The Minimalist Business Academy™ Podcast



Thanks for joining me on the Minimalist Business Academy Podcast!

If you found me via my old home at She Breaks The Mold, you’ll notice a slight shift in topic focus.

Here, I’m talking about how to manage your mind using coaching techniques, processes, time management tools and perspectives around growth to help you build a successful, right-sized business that fits your life and goals.

I have the best news for you:

You don’t have to follow the pack!!! Business can be a whole lot simpler when the focus is on better vs. bigger, and profit instead of perpetual growth. The best part is YOU get to decide what rules, goals and path are the right fit for you, your business and your life!

Minimalist = Disciplined & Constrained. Don’t conflate it with small or unprofitable! Listen to hear more and click below to get all new episodes straight to your inbox on Wednesday mornings…

Note: My money mindset focus hasn’t changed! In fact, you need an even stronger, more disciplined money mindset to run a minimalist business. So if you enjoyed that content in the last iteration of the podcast, you’ll hear more about it here too. Scroll down for all episodes…