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Absolutely not! My Permission to Sleep™ program includes self-care coaching work that is particularly helpful for midlife moms feeling the crunch of living in the sandwich generation, and who aren’t used to prioritizing their own wellness, but it’s helpful for anyone!

My focus is midlife woman, parents or not. Because we’re 2x more likely to suffer from insomnia than men and our sleep challenges can have specific hormonal and societal triggers. Almost any woman can sleep better after doing this work consistently. 

If you’re not sleeping as well as you’d like, and struggle to give yourself permission to take the time to fix it on your own, my program is for you

Since April 1, 2021, Permission to Sleep is now a membership program! 

As a member, you can stay in the program for as many months as you like. The initial sleep program will be followed by new content released monthly (or as close to as possible) to help you maintain good sleep once you start to see success.

If you prefer a 1:1 coaching experience, I do still offer a limited number of spots each month. Book your 30 minute free consultation here if you’re looking for 1:1 coaching.

Sorry, but no. This is a coaching program, it isn’t therapy or a medical service and as such, isn’t covered by insurance plans.

But there are benefits to that too. Within my membership you’ll have access to the tools of the program 24/7 and many, many opportunities to get group coaching, chat with other members to share success and tips, and to ask your questions in a twice-monthly Q&A call.

You won’t have to struggle or feel alone.

Great question!

As I work with people from all over, and we don’t meet in person, you need internet access (high speed is best) and a free Zoom account.

You also need to be able to give yourself an hour a week for our coaching calls, and extra time outside that for keeping up your sleep diary, some light reading and incorporating what you learned in our sessions.

Most members actually find time in their days they didn’t have before that they were using to sleep in or lie awake in bed trying to sleep, so finding the time to do the work isn’t usually a problem.

I sure do – in my group coaching membership, Permission To Sleep!

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