Episode #3: How to Manage Your Mind and Business in Uncertain Times

Episode #3: How to Manage Your Mind and Business in Uncertain Times

So many of you are struggling to manage your businesses through this COVID-19 upheaval.

And I get it.

I have my own moments of feeling anxiety and even fear as I work on managing my mind and thoughts while still figuring out what the “right” way to do business is in this time.

There’s also a lot of judgement out there from people who aren’t self-employed, and even self-judgement from some of us who are. You might be hearing (or even thinking) feedback like “It’s not appropriate to sell during a pandemic” or “You’re being selfish” (as if wanting to feed your kids during self-isolation is an unworthy cause) or something similar.

I’m not sure how we got to that place. I am completely sure that no one wants small businesses to go under at this point, but there’s also not a lot of support for how we continue and go on.

That’s why I recorded this podcast. 

To help you realize it’s OK to want or need to continue your business, and even find other ways to make it through. To not turn your business into a charity just because others have decided to do that with theirs.

Many business owners are scared and acting from a place of scarcity right now and it makes anyone watching feel like we all have to make everything we offer free, and turn ourselves inside out to avoid coming across as offensive.

I want you AND your business to make it through this.

So I’ve put together this episode to help you learn to manage your thoughts about the virus, the economy, your business, and other people’s thoughts. So you can learn to recognize when you’re having thoughts that don’t serve you.

It’s contrary to what most other people are saying, but it helps me so I know it will help others as well. 

I hope it brings you some peace and permission to do what feels right for you in this moment.

Let me know what you think and how you might incorporate this kind of thought work into your efforts in the next few weeks.

And I’m available and working full time still if you need assistance beyond the podcast., and 

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