Episode #2 – Defining Success As An Entrepreneur

Episode #2 – Defining Success As An Entrepreneur

This week I’m talking all about success as a minimalist business owner. What we think it is, ways to think differently about it, and why it’s so important to do this thought work early in our business.

A few things happen when we start trying to define entrepreneurial success for ourselves:

  1. We conflate success with happiness (listen to hear why this is is a problem), and
  2. Too often, we follow someone else’s, or society’s, definition of what success should look like

We end up not knowing how to evaluate opportunities, not being able to celebrate milestones, and feeling like a great big failure when that’s not at all what’s happened.

Minimalist business owners start with a strong sense of what success will look like. 

We set goals based on the values we want our business to run by, and we decide on purpose what it will look like when we’ve achieved them.

We don’t spend time in indecision, or confusion or overwhelm, because we know what we’re trying to achieve, no more and no less. 

Success is getting what you want. (1)

Listen below to hear more, and download the free worksheet I mention in the episode to help you start thinking about your business goals & desired outcomes:


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