For decades, I was right where you are now.

I had trouble falling asleep most nights, and went through weeks, on and off, waking up at 3 am and not being able to fall back to sleep.

I was convinced my insomnia was unsolvable. 

To feel better, I told myself “sleep is for chumps” – for people who were fooled into thinking they had to spend 1/3 of their lives unconscious.

I must just be a unicorn who doesn’t need sleep, right?

Well, no. Thankfully, I figured it out. I sleep well and now I want to help you master sleep too.

I trained in coaching at CTI (Coactive Training Institute) in 2018, and became a Certified Coach with the Life Coach School in 2020. I’m also trained in CBTI (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia). I am not a therapist and sleep coaching should not be considered therapy or a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Why sleep

If you’re like I was, you’re tired of being tired.

You thought sleep would get easier when your kids started sleeping through the night, or even left home. But now it’s YOU who’s awake.

You’re frustrated with trying so hard to sleep better and not being able to do it.

You’re done feeling unrested, moody, and worried your productivity is suffering because you’re not sleeping well enough.

Maybe your relationships are even suffering.

If you're like me, you think you've tried EVERYTHING to sleep better.

You’ve tried it all but nothing seems to work:

Going to bed earlier.

Waking up earlier – all the Fortune 500 CEO’s do it right? The 5 am club?



A white noise machine.

Changing your pillow or mattress.

Maybe you’ve even considered changing your partner because dammit, it’s infuriating that they can fall asleep the minute their head hits the pillow, isn’t it? (kidding…sort of)

Like I did, you changed everything OUTSIDE YOURSELF to fix your sleep problems.

My program doesn’t rely on external solutions, magic pills, pajamas or potions.

That’s because I know the solution is inside of you. 

This doesn’t mean insomnia isn’t a real problem – it is! Your human brain creates a lot of very real problems for you if you let it.

But most sleep problems are caused by unhelpful thoughts and habits (a few serious medical/psychological disorders excepted – if that’s you, this program is not appropriate for you).

Which is great news because you learned those unhelpful habits! So you can unlearn them too, and replace them with ones that help you sleep better.

What I didn't know is that I had to change the way I THINK about sleep

All the great habits and sleep hygiene protocols in the world won’t make a difference if you still think of yourself as a terrible sleeper.

Or if you’ve created mental associations that connect your bedroom or bed with sleep challenges.

All of this has to be unlearned before any external solution can help

And that’s where my membership program, Permission To Sleep™, comes in.

It works. It’s evidence-based. And you’ll wish you had known about it sooner.

I know I do.

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Feel better about your days AND nights

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