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I’m a minimalist business & life coach for women entrepreneurs, just like you.

That means I help you simplify, streamline and un-complicate your business so it fits within the life you want, not the other way around. It does NOT mean anti-growth! I’m here to help you achieve all the financial success you want, while not sacrificing your physical or emotional well-being in the process.

I teach you to manage your mind & your time, minimize distractions, and prioritize the most important aspects of your business so you can stop spinning in overwhelm, decision fatigue and worry. My goal is to help you build the profitable, sustainable business you’ve always wanted.

We all love to think our businesses and models are precious unicorns, but I promise you I’ve seen it all, or something like it, before. I went to school for PR, worked in a global ad agency, in corporate marketing for a large national brand, in a not-for-profit, as a startup consultant and I’ve been self-employed – twice! 

Of the things I value most, freedom, creativity and individuality are high on the list (I’m a constrained rebel!) but integrity is the highest. One of the key things I believe we need most as entrepreneurs is integrity with ourselves. And my coaching process is built on that. 

I believe our thoughts create our feelings, our actions and results. And the best news is that our thoughts are all optional. Which means WE get to decide what our results will be, by starting with our thoughts. I’ll show you how to use that knowledge to feel better about your life and business too.

I believe while you may have to change how you think, you do NOT have to change who you are to succeed in your business, or to grow wealth.

I commit to pushing you to help you move forward, even when the going gets tough. This is a key difference between coaching and friendship – I do not let you coast and hold your feet to the fire of your highest goals to help you achieve them.

I’m a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes coach, and was trained in the Co-Active method by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

I’m also a marketer and mom and I wear all these hats together to help you design a business that’s personally and professionally fulfilling, energizing and fits you like a glove.

I know you’re not defined by just one role either, and that’s why I coach you with both your business AND your life in mind.

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