Permission To Sleep - the sleep & self care membership for midlife moms - opens on rolling basis several times per year!

Permission To Sleep is a sleep coaching membership site that helps you get better quality, consistent sleep without pills, potions, or needing permission to rest!

When you join, you’ll get access to the first module of my Permission To Sleep coaching program, the private Permission To Sleep podcast, our private Facebook group and group coaching calls. Future modules become available each week PLUS extra lessons and ongoing new content opens up at the end of the main course to help you maintain your good sleeper results for the long term.

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You’re in the right place if you ‘re tired of being tired.

You’ve tried everything and don’t want to take one more pill or potion to sleep better.

You know it’s possible because you’ve slept better than this before.

But after years of putting everyone else first, it feels like you’ve forgotten how.

You’re not alone.

With my Permission to Sleep™ program, I’ll help you re-train your brain to fall asleep, and stay asleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on your day.

I’m a sleep and stress management coach for busy midlife women, just like you. 

A sleep coach for ADULTS? 

That’s right – sleep coaching isn’t just for babies anymore.

I finally figured out my own sleep problems and I can’t wait to offer you the same solutions I used. 

With a combination of self-care, stress management and sleep coaching, I can help you kick your sleep problems – usually within just a few weeks – all without habit-forming medications that don’t really work anyway.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep, or can’t seem to stay asleep and are tired of waking up every morning at 3 am, this program can work for you.

My program is evidence-based, and proven to help get you back to your well-rested self. 

What my clients are saying...

"Want three more hours in your day? I've created so much more time in my week by working with Janet. Her program is so easy to follow and I love being able to call myself a good sleeper. I highly recommend this program.
Janet is a sleep ninja!"
Sarah Smith
Doctor and Coach
"Janet helped me root out the true culprit in my sleep problems of more than 16 years. The shift came when I realized how dismissive I've been about caring for me. It's crazy, because I thought I was good at it. Turns out, through Janet's magical powers 😉 she revealed the honest truth. I wasn't valuing myself, I wasn't seeing myself as deserving of rest & the opposite -- constantly trying to prove I deserved rest. I was spending a lot of mental energy on fighting what I rightfully should have claimed years ago. The rest I thought I was participating in was full of justifications and stress, i.e., not true rest. I'll forever be grateful for Janet, she gracefully let me come to these conclusions & gently lead me to a better way."
Mariah Wickham
Certified Life Coach
"Janet helped me see that I was getting better sleep than I thought! I'm now able to challenge my negative sleep thoughts more often and am finding positive ones that work for me too.
Janet's program and support were fantastic!"
Andrea Regan